Sunday, 16 October 2016

Goddess faux locs inspired by Meagan Good

I have been wanting to try this hairstyle for quite a while so last weekend I decided to just bite the bullet. As you probably noticed my version looks a bit thicker and curlier. To achieve this style I used the following steps:

Step 1: I twisted my hair into chunky two-strand twists (about 100 twists).

Step 2: Using curly braids, I braided small strands of curly braids onto the ends of my twists.

Step3: Using Marley hair, I wrapped large strands of Marley hair onto the twist, tightly wrapping (not twisting) it around the hair until I reach the curls. Also to secure the Marley hair at the root so that it doesn’t unravel – I used a crochet needle and pulled the Marley hair through the root of each twist. To seal the Marley braids, I did not burn the braids (as I didn’t want to burn my own hair in the process) but once I reached the curly ends of the twist I simply twisted the Marley hair in an upward motion until there was no longer any hair to twist. 

This style took me 8 hours to install (yes, 8 HOURS I’m not kidding!). So it is definitely not a quick in-and-out kind of style. Granted I might be able to do it in half the time if it were on a client, but that will still take a good 4 hours to complete. Let me know in the comment section what you think of the results.

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